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Emergency contact (other than parents) in case of illness. This person MUST be able to come and pick up your child.

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Adath Jeshurun celebrates the inclusion of people of all abilities. To discuss your child's needs, please contact Annette Rose at or

​Soulful Jewish Parenting With Hazzan Dulkin

Sundays: Oct 15, Nov 5, Jan 21, Feb 11, March 18, April 22 From 9:30-10:45 am For parents of kids PreK-Grade 4
In the midst of today’s screen-crazy and nonstop world, how do we make sure we stay connected to what really matters? How do we transmit the values of joy, wonder, gratitude, honesty and self-reliance to our children? How can Jewish text and values help us to better shape our own lives and the lives of our children? What does a Jewish behavioral model look like? How do we answer our kids' deep theological questions, such as “Does God exist?” or “Did the Bible story really happen?” And, how do we ourselves view our own relationship with God? Through discussion, activities and study, we will explore these relevant Jewish parenting issues. Cost $36. Choose B'Yachad plus Soulful Parenting when you register.