Register for Cuba's Forgotten Jewels

Sunday Feb 11, 5:00pm to 9:00pm

An Afternoon of Cuban Film and Food, in collaboration with the JCC Jewish Film Festival

Will be at the Sabes JCC

Cuban food and drink will accompany a screening of Cuba’s Forgotten Jewels, a fascinating documentary film born of the tales that Marion Kreith told her daughter, co-director Judy Kreith, over the years. Marion escaped war-torn Europe as a young girl with her family, evading Nazi capture and crossing the Atlantic to a tropical paradise. In this film, her story mingles with the personal accounts of other refugees who recall their escape to Havana and the challenges they face in an exotic and unfamiliar land. With a stunning musical score of Jewish melodies and the pulsating music of Havana, the film merges the realities of two vastly different yet intermingled cultures, bringing this colorful and uplifting piece of history to light.

Cost: $18 for film and dinner​

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