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Parent/Guardian Information


First Parent/Guardian Information

Second Parent/Guardian


To be used for receiving newsletters and other important information regarding Gan Shelanu as well as emergency closing information.


In the case of an emergency or injury requiring medical attention, please indicate two (2) people who you authorize to assume temporary responsibility for your child if a parent cannot be reached. The people MUST be able to drive and be willing to come if called.

Health Information


If your child has asthma and/or severe allergies, your child’s physician must complete an Emergency Care Plan prior to your child beginning school. This form needs to be completed by your child’s physician and submitted to the Gan Office by Friday, June 30, 2017. No child who requires an Emergency Care Plan for either asthma or severe allergies will be allowed to begin the Gan if this form has not been returned by this date and all medications (if needed) are in the Gan Office. If your child already has an Emergency Care Plan form on file at the Gan, please note that a new plan is required every school year.

Days & Dates


Childcare Information


Grandparents' Information

During the course of the year, your child may participate in special programs to which we would like to invite their grandparents. Please provide us with the name and complete address of grandparents below even if they do not live in the Twin Cities area.

Please Read Before You Hit Submit!

When you register your child for Gan Shelanu, please be aware that we are committed to holding a space for your child in the age-appropriate class. If you withdraw your child, we may not be able to fill that space. Unfilled spaces in classes that have been budgeted, cost the education program thousands of dollars it cannot afford to lose. Please be mindful of this when you register and remember that your child is committed to attending the program you are registering for today. If you decide to reduce the number of days that your child will attend the toddler or preschool morning program after Friday, March 3, 2017, there will be a $150 change fee. There is no fee for parents who wish to increase the number of days that their child attend the Gan, if the age-appropriate space is available.
1) The signed registration form must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $200 which will be credited to your 2017 - 2018 school fees and tuition.

2) Enrollment shall be subject to a trial period of four weeks. During this period, it shall be determined if your child is adjusting to the school. Should your child not adjust in the opinion of the school's Director, then enrollment shall be terminated and the tuition returned on a pro-rated basis.

3) It is agreed that your child is enrolled for the entire school year. All changes to your child’s schedule require a 30 day written notice.

4) It is agreed that your child's Gan Shelanu tuition and all childcare fees shall be paid using one of the options on the Payment Enrollment Authorization Form.

5) Adath Jeshurun plans its staffing and budgeting based on registrations. If you make a change in your child's schedule that results in decreased childcare tuition, then a $50 change fee will be charged each time a change is made. If a change results in increased childcare tuition (if space is available), then no change fee will be charged.

6) This form, the Payment Enrollment Authorization Form and $200 non-refundable deposit must be completed for your child to be registered and ensured a spot in Gan Shelanu.

I hereby submit this application for the named child and agree to the conditions listed above.


Payment Fees and Options

Please view costs for Gan Shelanu Preschool and Childcare HERE
Please go to the Payment Enrollment Authorization Form at