Register for Hazzan Dulkin's Installation Concert

Sunday Aug 19, 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Celebrate with us at Hazzan Joanna Dulkin’s installation concert event: an evening of joyful music and celebration. Joining Hazzan on the bima will be her fellow officers of the Cantors Assembly, each one a fantastic musician and leader in their own congregations and on the larger world stage.

The evening’s theme will be “Praise!” and will include music in both Hebrew and English, performed by Hazzan and her amazing colleagues. Our wonderful Adath choir, as well as the National Lutheran Choir, will also be taking part. The music of the evening will emphasize the ongoing conversation and cross-pollination between Jewish music with Christian gospel, including two new pieces Hazzan is personally arranging for the ensemble.

We welcome a suggested donation of $18 to TAMID to further arts and cultural events at Adath.

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