Register for Immigration: A Broken System and Shattered Lives

Sunday Feb 24, 10:30am to 12:00pm

In the Appelbaum Social Hall

Come and learn more about the experiences of immigrants—their hardships, challenges and hopes.

Luz Lopez, a young woman whose life has been irreparably changed as a result of America’s failed immigration policies will share her compelling story. Luz witnessed her mother’s and younger brother’s deportation back to Mexico at the tender age of 8 years old.

Luz will give her insights on the current local immigration situation. She will describe how immigrants being denied a driver’s license solely due to their immigrant status is hurting the community, and how she and others are lobbying for change.

Discussion moderated by Rabbi Harold Kravitz. Participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions. Helping the immigrant (stranger) is a core value of Judaism. We will discuss ways in which we can actualize our Jewish ideals. Jewish Community Action will offer a plan to help.

Gloria Fredkove, an immigrant from WWII, will also be introduced. Gloria’s remarkable story will be presented in its entirety on Sunday, April 14th, 3:30-5:45 pm. “Dangerous Mission”: America’s Sole Rescue of 1,000 WWII Refugees.


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